Our Beautiful Brie

woman in red dress

On August 22, 1997, a beautiful baby girl was born to another woman in Puerto Rico.  She was given the name Catherine Marie.  She lived in the United States for a short time before moving to the Dominican Republic.  When she was around 9 she moved back to the United States for good.  She had an extremely rough couple of years enduring a tremendous amount of abuse.  She was under-educated and neglected when the Department of Human Services stepped in. 

When we first met her there was an instant bond between all of us. We knew right away she was part of our family.  She had a smile that would melt your heart, the softest and sweetest voice, and she also had a deep strength that many people did not see.  She worked very hard to better herself amid all her struggles. 

It took some time before her adoption was finalized but since she was already living with us she felt safe and secure, and because she had been given a fresh start at life she decided on changing her name.  She tried out a few different ones but fell in love with Brielle Marie. 

She found most of her joy while dancing.  For the few minutes she was in movement to the rhythm of a song she was able to find a way to release the grip her past had on her. It only lasted while she was dancing but it did open doors to her confidence, her sass, lifetime friendships and so much more.

Life had given her more pain than anyone deserves.  She was so deserving of all the wonderful things life has to offer.  Heartbreakingly her life came to an end on February 2, 2019, just weeks after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl.  I am not ok with what has happened to her, and I am committing my life to making sure her life impacts others in a positive way.  She did not go through all of that for nothing. Maybe it was to show others it can be done.

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